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Technology Radar – Techypass

Techypass is a blog that takes a unique approach in examining and informing an audience around the globe about the latest in Technology Radar.

The purpose of Techypass is to keep its audience well aware of technology reviews, and technology radar components. It also helps you in online business, educates you in the field of cryptocurrency.

The main focus areas of this technology radar include different product reviews, the latest in games, online education. Techypass helps online freelancers through various mind-bending techniques.

Techypass offers a visual exploration of what is latest in technology radar news and trends. The site aims to educate and entertain its audience about the very best in new technology.

Techypass reflects how digital technology transformed the way consumers interact with brands. From their mobile devices to their computers and the Internet of things.

The world has been swept up in an ocean of digital screens that have revolutionized communication.
The future is here. Techypass helps you recognize it.

Technology Radar – About Me

Hi! I am Shahrukh

Technology Radar

I don’t really like talking about myself, but it’s hard not to here! Things in Technology radar are my favorite since childhood and love to dig deeper into technical things. With my father’s help, I learned English grammar. I cherished learning all about the English language.

English was my favorite subject since school level. In English writing or any paper writing, I used to get 90+ percentile. My professors at school and college level admire my English writing in papers. I used to take part in several academic hosted guest and event speeches.

From there I recognize that English writing and speaking is in my blood. I have worked in MNSUA (Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Engineering and Technology). I have published two research papers and 3 patents which strengthen my confidence towards things lies in technology.

From all these experiences I step into the world of freelancing. There I instantly proved myself and got a reputation of level 2 on Fiverr and Top-rated on Upwork in less than a year. I have trained 4 employees as SEO content writers. Now I have decided to help you all with what skills or expertise I have with Techypass.

I have recently created my own blog Techypass to provide you with the latest in technology radar.

Any questions are welcome, just reach out to me and I would love to help.

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