Earn $500 Or More With Sponsored Post and Shoutout

People follow those they like and remain eager to know their daily activities. In the past, people did so and stay informed about the particular person/brand/business activities through TV, Radio, or News. But today, this is not the case. The digital age has changed the scenario.

Making money is super easy as technology development and innovation continue. Anyone can take benefit from the continuing development wonders. One such remarkable way to earn big is through sponsored posts and shoutouts. Let’s dig into facts about sponsored post and shoutout and how you can make over $500.

Sponsored Post and Shoutout – Overview

Sponsored posts and shoutout are two different things. You can refer to sponsored post as a post for which you receive money by posting. The business or brand is the sole payer for a sponsored post. It can be any video, audio or product/brand/service illustration.

While shoutout refers to the social media story or a post directing your fans to a particular person/brand. In other words, shoutout refers to mentioning a specific person/brand. Shoutout generally converts the user to the end of the post.

maximize reach with sponsored post and shoutout

Different platforms that support the Sponsored post and shoutout are:

1.     YouTube


2.     Instagram


3.     LinkedIn


4.     Quora


5.     Facebook

The list does not end here, and other platforms that exist.

Different Ways to Earn Through Sponsored Posts and Shoutouts

Note down different ways that you can earn through these platforms using sponsored post and shoutout:

·       The option exists to earn affiliate commissions by sponsoring affiliate products


·       You can advertise your products/services and reach a broad audience through shoutouts and sponsored posts


·       Earn through Sponsored posts and shoutouts


·       Build Your online brand/business

Sponsored Post and Shoutout Eligibility Criteria

In short, sponsored post and shoutout refers to advertising means. To be eligible and to make money through sponsored post and shoutout, the key requirements are:

  • A social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn etc.
  • Established a good reputation among your fans
  • A higher number of followers/fans
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a huge following. Keep reading!

Tips for Acquisition of More Followers On Social Media

Follow the tips below to get a large number of followers and retain them for longer:

Pickup Relevant Niche

This step is crucial, meaning you must pick a relevant niche. Suppose you want to set up a pet products shop, then choose an appropriate name such as “pet planet”. Please verify the availability of the name you are choosing and confirm it does not exist on relevant social media. It plays a great role in building reputation and trust among your followers. This is because the content you post later will align with your niche.

Write a Highly Compelling Bio

Bio plays a great role in converting visitors to followers. Make sure it is compelling and engaging. If you don’t know how to do this, you can use ChatGPT as your assistant. Feed this prompt to ChatGPT, and you will see the results:

“Act as a social media expert having 30+ years of experience. Write an optimized bio for “Social Media Channel” around 75 words on “Niche”. Make sure the bio is highly engaging, unique, and compelling, and convert the visitor to a follower. Also, ensure the bio increase followers. You can add stats if needed (optional).”

Read here for more useful prompts for ChatGPT

Post Daily and High-Value Content

Quality matters if you post what does not interest your reader. If you deliver value to your followers, your followers will love you. This way, you can play a long game. No worries if you don’t know how to create highly valuable and engaging content. Follow these steps:

·       Use googles trends to see what is in trend in the last 24 hours on your niche

·       Make use of Canva to create remarkable graphics/videos/images. Canva caters to those having Zero skill and knowledge. (Also, the option exists to earn through Canva read how!)

·       You can use ChatGPT for text content you are going to put inside your images/videos/graphics. In case you have no content creation skills.

Keep Your Audience Engaged: Sponsored Post And Shoutout Hack

You lack a lot if you don’t know the benefit of an engaged audience. To engage the audience, you can create polls or fulfil their needs on specific updates/content/queries. Polls will help you get insights into what your followers like the most. You can also respond to their comments on various posts. Believe me and your followers will love it. By performing these tactics, you can not only retain your followers but also can increase their number.

Avoid Getting Paid/Fake Followers

Today several services exist like useviral, sides media, and growthoid etc. They sell Instagram bot followers. These bots are not organic followers. They play a role in increasing the follower’s figure, which is non-beneficial. Do not buy your followers, as this will not going to give any benefit to your sponsor and you.

Steps To Reach Sponsors for Sponsored Post and Shoutout

In general, you don’t need to reach out to sponsors when you have a substantial number of followers. Instead, they reach out to you to do business with you. So, you have to wait if you did not get any sponsor after that. Then follow these steps.

1.    Search For Relevant Sponsors

After building a considerable reputation, search for relevant sponsors. Suppose you have a “pet planet”, and your content is about pet products. Then you know your niche and industry. Use social media to search for big brands that have launched new products and looking to spread the word about their products. You can help them by:

·       Tag specific sponsors in your posts

  • You can use their hashtags
  • An option exists to use the relevant hashtags


use hashtags to boost reach

2.    Utilize Outreaching Tools

Different tools exist that can help you reach out to specific sponsors to get sponsored posts and shoutouts. These tools include but are not limited to:

·       Social Bluebook

·       Influence.co

You can use these tools to manage your social media, extraordinary building it, and make money with brands/businesses.

Sponsored Post and Shoutout FAQs

Find insights on key questions and answers down below. If you have any questions not included in this list, put them in the comment section:

What Number of Followers Do You Need To Be Eligible for Sponsored Posts and Shoutout?

Over 5000 followers are enough to begin with, sponsored post and shoutout. Make sure you don’t have fake, non-engaging followers.

What Role Does Sponsored Content Marketing Play?

Sponsored content marketing is advertising. In this marketing, businesses/organizations/brands pay to have their product/service mentioned. This will boost traffic to their product/service and improve their ROI. Social media influencers or content creators can make substantial money this way.

How To Locate Instagram Sponsored Posts?

way to search sponsored post instagram

The process is as follows.

·       Go to Instagram and log in. Then click the search tab.

·       Enter the hashtag #sponsored. This will reveal all sponsored posts in front of you.