Privacy Policy

Techypass privacy policy determines how it gathers, utilizes, stores, processes, and discloses user or individual data. Especially the person or individuals who interact with our website, register with Techypass or interact through email.

Auto Information or Data Collection

Techypass gathers and records the data on each person visiting the website. The gathering or collection of the data is as per the EU context. Techypass’s main purpose behind this is catering to the optimization services and internet data. Techypass also utilizes such data to improve and cater high-quality service to the end users.

Personal Information Collection

Techypass collects personal information within a cookie, including the individual’s IP address and ID. This information collection is as per the GDPR context. Techypass does this for personalization, statistical and analytical purposes. Apart from this, Techypass works with several third parties for storage and data collection. This, in the end, assists in providing advertising and analytical services.

Users Consent And Data Processing

All the data we collect depends on user consent per our privacy policy. The processing of data includes overall better end-user service and experience. Besides this, Techypass, with the data, determines the type of content to depict, formatting structure, size, placement, and several ads. Such level of information Techypass uses for reporting and performance analysis.

Application LOGS Purpose

The techypass servers perform data collection in auto mode. This mainly relies on the way you use the website. The data type an application log contains includes browser type, IP address, operating system, and linking pages. It also records device type, visited pages, search terms, cookies, and app ID’s. The main aim is to improvise and diagnose various website services.

Retention of Data

The Techypass does not retain the collected data for longer. The retention period depends on fulfilling the purpose mentioned in “User Consent and Data Processing.” Techypass keeps your data for verification against the different services it offers. Data retention can be anywhere from 1 to two years, depending on the service you use. The recorded data forms include electronic as well as physical.

If you request data deletion, we retain your data for the necessary extent or duration. This is for legit business or contractual sake. Techypass, after fulfilling the purpose, anonymizes or disposes of your data, including personal information. This prevents your information from theft, unauthorized access, or even misuse.

Security Policy

Techypass has adopted certain protection measures, policies, and rules to ensure effective data protection. No one can breach your data. You can rest ensure that no one can do modification, destruction, or either it can face loss by accident. All the security personnel who have direct access to your data. They highly respect the confidentiality of the personal data of each visitor. You can be sure that your data will remain safe even from institutions of state or authorities.

Deletion And Data Access

You can have a complete right to get insights on what type of data Techypass collects. After knowing it, you can request the deletion and removal of any information you want.

Upon using the services of Techypass, the following technical, usage, and metrics information gets stored:

Information on localization, state, metro, city, postal address, and country

The address of the website on which you were before Techypass

Version and type of browser you are utilizing

Operating system and brand of device you are using

Your timezone and local time

The current page you are at of Techypass

Duration on the website, scrolling and mouse movement activities

Device Screen size and opened browser size

The content you are sharing

Are you pasting the content, or is it original?

From which source did you arrive at the Techypass (any ad or link)

Internet type you are using and your network service provider details

Loading and rendering time of the website in your browser

The current weather at your location

Your gender and age details, IP address, and your unique ID

Cookies Details

Essential Cookies

The essential cookies play a great role in making the website highly useful and functional. These cookies include page navigation and grant quick access to website secure areas. It will help you get the most out of a particular website.

Preferential Cookies

These cookies refer to the cookies that enable your website to digest and remember information. It affects the overall website appearance and behavior. For instance, this includes your region or native language.

Statistical Cookies

These cookies determine and offer great help to the owner of the website. It helps in a good understanding of the way users interact with your website. The statistical cookies collect and reported to you anonymously.


The cookies of marketing play a great role in the tracking of visitors. Another role of these cookies is to display ads as per user behavior and engagement. These cookies also possess great importance for advertisers as well as publishers.

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