Invideo Review – Make $700 or More in 2021

Invideo Review – Make $700 or More in 2021

What are your thoughts on Canva? As a non-designer, have you ever felt empowered by this software? In case yes, you will love Invideo tool. InVideo is a tool that can help you create spectacular videos. I’ve been using it to improve my videos, and I’m impressed with how it makes them more engaging. This InVideo review will cover:

  • How exactly do InVideo work, Its benefits, and cost
  • When should you go for it, and when should you not?
  • How can you make $700 or more?
  • Are you unfamiliar with freelancing? How can you benefit from InVideo?

It seems like an excellent idea, right? Here’s everything you need to know about the app in an introduction.

Invideo Review: Introduction

As one of the newest entries into the video editing industry, InVideo is an instant-video option. With different templates, you can create aesthetically pleasing videos, similar to how you take a picture on Canva.

Invideo review

One of the latest features that InVideo provides is video versions of blog posts. I love this feature because I’m a blogger who likes to repurpose content. Not only does this help increase traffic to your blog, but it also raises your brand’s visibility. The uniqueness about InVideo is their dedication to creating beautifully crafted videos with no effort

“Believe it or Not, you don’t have to be a professional videographer to create online videos.”

I want to show you how easy it is to create a video using InVideo.

How Does Invideo Work?

One of the best features of InVideo is how easy it is to create videos. But before you sign up, the homepage will give you a quick idea of what you can do.

Invideo review How it works

The team wants you to know that video creation is the top feature of the platform. So, you need to do ‘Sign Up’ and start without paying a single penny.

For a fast and custom way to edit your video, use InVideo’s template editor. Choose from a variety of templates that speak well and reflect your brand idea or story. Then, customize it to your liking with a free stock video, pictures, background music, text, and more.

Don’t worry, and you can change all sorts of things with your video. You can change the timings, colours, fonts, and other design elements. To get started, you can use a blank template and incorporate elements you prefer.

After you finish your video, make sure to export it. InVideo provides you with an option to post your video to social media.

Let’s dive into the Invideos features that you will love.

InVideo Features: What’s so special about it

One of the many features offered by InVideo is for non-professional video creators. Let’s take a look at the features they have to offer.

Sr. No.



Audio tools


Text overlay


Media library


Visual effects


Speed merge


Reseller rights


Shareable link


HD Resolution


Variety of Fonts


Tons of stickers


Speed adjustment


Font quote templates


Ready-made templates


Split and merge videos


Blog post/article to video


Unlimited character length


Video Making & Stabilization


Shapes, text boxes and more.


Ability to upload your photos and videos
20 Enhancements like collage, masks, and more

The list of features goes on and on! You will also get these features with an option that if you don’t like them, you will receive your money back within 60 days and 24/7 support.

Well, is the price of this too high? No! let me show you how InVideo prices work.

Invideo Price

InVideo is a free video app that comes with limitations. You can use it for free just by signing up, but after that, the app will have a watermark and other restrictions.

Invideo: What is inside the Free plan?

Here’s what you’ll find for paying nothing:

  • Videos with a watermark
  • More than 4500 free templates
  • 3+ Million Photos that will go into your Library
  • Text-to-speech technology is an incredible way to change your voice.
  • Videos that you create are only 15 minutes

Free Plan Invideo

I think it is way more if you are a starter. If you are trying it out, I suggest you go for free plan and upgrade your membership. It’s time to have a look at “unlimited” and “business” plans.

Unlimited Plan: Invideo

InVideo is an online video editing platform that offers an “Unlimited” plan for endless exports, more than 100 istock resources, and approximately a million supreme media from the world’s leading providers.

With an Unlimited plan of $30 per month if you commit to 12 months of service. On the other hand, you will have to pay $60 per month for monthly service.

To take advantage of the 50% discount and enjoy unlimited business for a year, purchase the Unlimited plan.

Business Plan: Invideo

You will get the business plan of invideo for $15 per month at a minimum if you purchase it for an entire year. If you don’t want to buy it for the whole of a year, you can also choose a $30 per month plan.

You will get a handful of resources that indeed fulfil your needs. With the business plan, you can export 60 media files in a month.

One of the best things about Invideo business plan is paying for the year upfront and getting 50% off your subscription. You should only sign up for a Business plan if you are serious about scaling up your video creation business.

Invideo Review: Should I Spend My Time on This?

You’ve probably known much about InVideo by now, and you may think that I am in love with Invideo. But it’s not all sunshine and roses, so I’ll talk about the good and the bad. Does this sound fair to you?

Invideo Review What People says

Invideo Benefits

  • You can edit anything you want
  • Find in-depth tutorials either on blog or YouTube
  • You can express yourself with thousands of stickers, filters, text effects, and much more.
  • Find the content you want to share by highlighting the words
  • You have the copyright to distribute or sell the videos you create
  • With millions of clips, music, and images available to choose from, you will indeed find the perfect video for your business needs.

The benefits of Invideo are indeed undeniable. However, there are drawbacks as well.

Invideo Drawbacks

Listed below are not the only drawbacks of this platform. Instead, these are the suggestions that the Invideo team can improve:

  • You’ll find that there are only 50 scenes, which are repeated after some time.
  • It takes an eternity to preview and export
  • Unfortunately, if you make a change to your layout choices, you lose the original ones.

These cons are an inconvenience. Despite all these issues, InVideo is an excellent video editing service with a lot to offer.

Invideo Review: What You Can Think Off?

As a budding entrepreneur, I always search for a new tool to help me streamline my workflow. Recently, I came across InVideo and used the platform to create videos for all sorts of purposes, from creating Insta posts or ads.

review invideo

Want to do the same? Here’s how. First, you can sign up for InVideo, where you come across two options right away.

click above two review invideo

  • Transform your blog post to video
  • Check out these pre-made free templates.

Select the first option in case you wish to convert your articles into videos. You can do this by just copying your article into the dashboard of Invideo. If you want to go with the pre-made templates, select the second option. This will allow you to make insta posts or ads.

You can make $700 or more with the second option.

Make $700 or More with Invideo

InVideo is here to help you create the perfect video for any platform, including:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Many More

There are many different types of videos to choose from, but these are some basic categories:

  • Snack Videos
  • Presentation
  • Custom Ads
  • Product Descriptions
  • Mini Ads
  • Media Testimonials
  • Branding
  • Quotes
  • Much More

InVideo was a no-brainer for me when it came to making videos. I have been using InVideo to create Insta posts, video ads, and YouTube media files. By doing this, you can make $700 or more.

Invideo Review: Ideas for Building Your Freelance Business

You can offer a lot of services by taking advantage of InVideo. For instance, you can start with these three to earn a handsome amount:

Intros or Outros for YouTube

YouTube is a world-famous video hosting site. It’s on the second number in the list of the world most significant search engines. There are many types of video makers on YouTube.

Intros or Outros for youtube

Have you ever wanted to watch videos about science? Science Time is one way to do it. Suppose you want to know what’s up in the news, many channels to choose from. Do you want to explore the latest articles? The option exists to find news channels you like through search.

With this in mind, you may think off about how many clients you may have. Target them for creating intros or outros for their YouTube channel. Go and Signup on to Fiverr, create your account and make a gig. Spread the word around about your Gig.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a YouTube video through this platform:

Create Video Ads

Most entrepreneurs are indeed rolling. And it is also true that they need to run video ads because they are great for business.

Instagram Posts

Lots of Instagram influencers are posting valuable content. Every second day they need to post on Instagram. Videos are gold on Instagram. Tell them that you can make awesome videos for them in a snap.

Instagram posts review invideo

InVideo Services: How to Promote

After building up a portfolio of your Invideo, the thing you need to do is promote. By sitting idle, you cannot make dollars. Let the world know that you’re available for freelance work.

Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Create video ads for your freelance services using Invideo
  • Paste these videos as a sample on your Fiverr Gig
  • Don’t forget to sell yourself to your potential clients
  • Promote your freelancing services on popular platforms such as Freelancer and Upwork.
  • In case you have a website post your services, there

Except for the above-listed things, you can do a lot more to spread the word about your freelance services. As this blog aims to help you out, So I will do this by keeping you motivated.

Head to the invideo pricing plan and choose ‘Free’. And while you’re at it, take it as a challenge to pass the level from ‘Free’ to ‘Unlimited’ and get your motivation up.

In case you are not a freelancer, these tips will help you out.

You Are Not A Freelancer?

If you don’t like to be a freelancer or provide freelance services, you can also make money with Invideo. You can create videos for your website or business to increase page rank and get more clients. For instance, you have an e-commerce website, and you can create videos for your products to get more sales.

Videos are getting more popular these days. If you have a blog, you can create videos related to your articles. The thing you need to do is to copy your article into the invideo dashboard, and that’s it.

Invideo Review: Final Verdict

The opportunities for making money online are endless. With the world of content writing, video production, and other creative content to explore, you can make money while doing what you love. InVideo is a powerful video-creation tool that requires no technical experience.

Here are some suggestions for you to practice:

  • Get free access to InVideo and start playing
  • Offer video creation services for ads, posts etc.
  • Create Gigs on Fiverr
  • Make slow, steady growth

You can ask questions in the comments below about Invideo review. Practice these tips and let me know whether you get a success or not. I will share them in my blog. Share this message of positivity and encouragement.

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