Discover The Official Channels For Finding Inmates In US Jails/Prisons

Incarceration of a family member, relative, or friend is highly stressful and difficult to bear. Keeping yourself updated about their status and whereabouts is essential in these hard times. Certain unofficial/official channels exist that can assist you in locating inmates in US prisons/Jails. Choosing the official channels should be your top priority. This is because the reliability and accuracy of the unofficial channels is questionable.

Therefore, this short article aims to curate in-depth insights into key official channels. You can use these channels for inmate searches in US prisons. Sounds exciting? Let’s dive right in!

Overview Of US Jails/Prisons

There are three main types of Prisons system that exist in the US. These include federal prisons, state prisons, and local prison systems. Each system requires a different approach to looking up inmates.

Methods Of Looking Up Inmates In US Jails/Prisons

Depending on these systems, there are two ways to locate inmates or loved ones.

  1. Looking Up State/Local Prison Database
  2. Looking Up Federal Prison Database

1.   Looking Up State/Local Prison Database

The method for looking up state and local prison inmates is the same. The step-by-step process is as follows:

  1. First, you need to go to the State Department of Corrections.
  2. After visiting the main page, you will see a drop-down box listing the name of the states of the US. Select the state in which the crime took place from the drop-down menu. Then click the “Go” tab that lies adjacent to the box.
  3. Doing so will take you to the main webpage of the particular state department of corrections. Locate the “inmate search tab.” You can also find it under the public resources tab for some states’ websites.
  4. Next, some states require you to search online for free, while others require application requests. Selecting online lets you get the data instantly, while the application requires substantial information. The application filling and requesting guides are on the Department of Correction website.

2.   Looking Up Federal Prison Database

This database allows you to retrieve information on prisoners from 1870 up to the present. This method requires visiting the (BOP) Federal Bureau of Prisons‘ main website. Later there, you will find two ways to conduct inmate searches.

Imate Search By Number

  1. You can choose from the drop-down four different numbers. These include (BOP) Bureau of Prison registration, DCDC, FBI, and INS numbers.
  2. After selecting one per your needs, enter the number in the adjacent box. Then click search. Doing so will expose the details of that specific prisoner.

Inmate Search By Name

  1. This method requires you to provide the following details: first name, middle name, last name, age, sex, and race. You need to enter these details in relevant boxes.
  2. Finally, you must click on the search tab to finalize your search.

Key Requirements for Inmate Search

You need to fulfill the following requirements before looking up state/local prison databases:

  1. First, middle, and last name of the person
  2. State-specific serial number
  3. Age of the person
  4. Crime information
  5. Sex information
  6. Race information (Asian, Black, American, American Indian etc.)
  7. National ID number
  8. The state in which crime takes place

Final Words: Inmate Search in US Prisons/Jails

With the above information, you can conduct an inmate search utilizing official channels for US prisons/jails. It is beneficial for families to remain aware of their loved ones’ status. It also helps lawyers/advocates to prepare their cases effectively. Love the information in the article. Spread the word about it to your colleagues/friends.