How to Remove Background From Image

How to Remove Background From Image (Free and Paid)

You might be wondering how to remove the background from an image online. No worries, this article will teach you how. There are a number of easy ways to remove background from the image on Canva. I’ll also share a couple of web apps that you can use to do it for free.

When you’re looking for a tool to take care of background removal, be sure to consider difficulty level and speed. For digital marketers, these are the most important factors. Many incredible background removal tools are similar to Canva that can help you.

Were you interested in removing backgrounds from photos? Techypass is back to show you how with this tutorial. There are a few ways you can do it: free and paid. For both methods, I’ll tell you what tools and software work best to accomplish the job.

Excited? Let’s jump right in.

How to Remove Background From PictureHow to remove background from image

There are a lot of benefits to removing a background from a picture. For one, you can change the background of the photograph on other pictures easily. But if you want to know for sure, what are the signs that background removal is of professional level?

To do this, you have to scrutinize your image. You need to make sure your image is clear! If it looks authentic, you are good. Take care not to have any errors or flaws in the image. Otherwise, it will look worse.

Do you think you can get that professional-looking background without paying for anything? You might be surprised. There are some free apps available, but most lack a professional look. However, I will share a few online tools that do offer a free background removing option.

To be a pro at editing your images, you must avoid cluttering your design. You want your photos to look professional without being professional. That’s when I found Canva. It’s a smart design tool that helps you produce pro-level images, even if you’re not one yourself.

How to Remove Background in Canva

Digital marketing is difficult to do well without great content. And that’s why you need to be producing content consistently, which can be tough.


Fortunately, there are many terrific design tools out there that can help you produce quality content quickly and efficiently. Canva is one of these tools. It allows designers to bring their visions to life with ease, and it’s wonderful for those who don’t have a design background.

And it’s super easy to use. One-click, and you’ve got a photo without a background. That means your design process will be so much faster. Just remove the background and put the photo on anything you want.

You can follow these steps to remove background from your photos on Canva:

  • To get started, you’ll need to upload an image
  • Once you have uploaded the image, go to the top of the Canva toolbar and select ‘Effects.’
  • Finally, choose ‘Background Remover,’ and bam!

You’ve taken away the background on your photo now. Being fast is important for your business. Why is this so? Go ahead and rock it up! Your business can scale to new heights before your competitor gets in the game.

Why Invest in Canva’s Background Removal feature?

Is Canva Pro worth the expense? It depends. If you do many design work or background removal, this program will be a valuable asset. The tool makes it easy to create and edit visual content in a snap.

how to remove background from image

Designing is not always about skills. For those who wish to design but lack graphic skills, Canva is the perfect tool. It does not matter if you’re creating graphics, slideshow presentations, or infographics. Canva will do the work. Even more, it has a lot of tools to create graphics like thumbnails for videos.

When you’re ready to design, there are plenty of options. Canva makes it easy with a free account, but if you want the most features, upgrade for $119.99 per year. This price includes many more features, including:

  • Access to more than 75 million audio, photos, and videos
  • More than 420k pre-design templates with periodic updates
  • Option to upload your versatile logos, fonts, etc.
  • With 100GB of storage to store your photos, videos, and other content, plus the ability to schedule all your social media posts in one place.
  • You have access to infinite background removal on your photos

Canva offers many options for customers looking for free photo design. For freebies, the tool provides 250,000 templates (including free ones!), more than 100 types of design options, and images.

How to Remove Background from Image for Free

There are many free services available to take background off images. These include the fact that they’re free, easy to use, and usually have a simple user interface that’s easy to navigate. That said, there are some limitations. One is that the size, quality, or even a piece of the image can be lost.

Want to remove that background? It’s an easy task for these top online tools.


How do you make your background transparent? To figure this out, visit This tool automatically detects the background and removes it for absolutely free. The thing you need to do to start is uploading your image or drag and drop the file on the homepage. The site will process it in a few seconds.

Removal of background

To get a full-quality image, you usually need to pay a little money ranging from $0.14 to $0.023. If you want the best quality images, you’ll have to pay for each one individually. The more images you want to remove a background from, the higher your price will be.

Fotor Background Remover

One of the best ways to remove the background on your photo is with Fotor’s background removal tool. This tool offers something more than other free tools – high-quality results. The thing you need to do is go to fotor’s website and click “Edit.”

Fotor background image

Draw a rectangle around the background with a magic wand. Then, use the “magic clipper” to cut out the background. To approve changes, click “Apply.” The only negative aspect of this tool is that it can take a lot of time to make the background disappear.

PhotoScissors Background Removal

Cutting the background of your images is easier than ever with PhotoScissors! Select your photo and drag it to the homepage, and the background will disappear within seconds.


When uploading an image, make sure it is in JPG, WebP, PNG formats and not larger than 10MB. The pixel size should be at least 4.2 MP. The one downside of this tool is that it does not provide you with quality features to remove background from an image.

How to Remove Background of an Image in Photoshop

Photoshop is software that allows digital artists to edit and design images. It’s been around for a long time and has many useful features. You can use it with illustrator. Illustrator has an industry-standard repute. Photoshop is an amazing tool that you can use for a variety of purposes.

How to remove background of an image in photoshop

The option exists to use it for image background removal. The Quick Selection Tool can help you easily remove background from your photos. To find it, go to the left-bar menu and look for it. If you’re still having trouble, try the Magic Wand Tool.

You can also use “Eraser Tool” in Photoshop to remove backgrounds from images. Be sure to practice a lot, though, because erasing backgrounds precisely takes a lot of patience and a steady hand.

Help your clients get rid of their Image backgrounds

Wow, you’ve made it through the background removal tutorial! You can make money by doing this service online on various freelancing platforms, including Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Conclusion: How to Remove Background From Image

When it comes to design, Canva Pro is a better tool than any other to remove backgrounds from images and a few other tools seamlessly. In addition to the background removal, you’ll have many different options to tweak your pictures as well.

Photoshop is too expensive and time-consuming for you. It takes extreme precision that requires a lot of practice. It would be best if you had a simpler, cheaper tool that still has the same level of design. Enter Canva: It’s intuitive and user-friendly and has all the features that you are looking for.

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