Revealing All about Windows 11 A Flagship Operating System

Revealing All about Windows 11 A Flagship Operating System

In this article we are  revealing all about windows 11 a flagship operating system. At the end of this article, you will learn how to download and install windows 11 on your operating system.

Windows 11 is a new version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system, Windows.

In its first full release, Windows 11 is aimed at making the user experience of Windows better than ever, and to meet the demands of the more connected computing world.

Windows 11 brings major improvements to Windows 10.

The new operating system will feature a more customizable look, a revamped taskbar, and new features such as the Cortana digital assistant.

When is Windows 11 Coming Out?

Microsoft launches Windows 11, its newest OS.

While the company hasn’t announced an exact release date, it has already confirmed that the new OS will be available in stores by October.

Windows 11

Press leaks suggesting Windows 11 will be released on October 20, the date is clearly marked.

This could mean the release date is just days away.

What Will Windows 11 Bring to The Table in Terms of New Features?

We are going to reveal all about windows 11 a flagship operating system. Here is a summary of some of the great new features highlights in the new version of Windows 11:

An Interface That Is A Continuation of The Mac’s Elegant Simplicity:

Microsoft’s latest operating system, whose design features rounded pastel shades, corners, and the new Start menu.

Integrated smartphone applications:

Microsoft will be bringing Android apps to its forthcoming Windows 11 operating system. Amazon will be the only retailer supported for this new app store.

Smartphone Applications

Dior widgets:

Widget is the new desktop gadget. Well, it’s old in technology-world terms, but apparently new in Microsoft’s eyes as the company has just announced that they’ll now be part of the Taskbar interface on Windows 11.

Windows 11 Widgets

Integration with Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is getting a major update. It will be included in Windows 11 and will allow users to create teams and collaborate on documents.

Microsoft Teams

Users will also be able to access their teams from iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows.

Xbox Addition for An Enhanced Gaming Experience:

Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has been working on bringing the Xbox experience to desktop and laptop computers.

The new OS of windows 11 will allow users to access features like direct storage and auto HDR, which will improve gaming experiences.

Instant Online Support:

Windows 11 is going to let you set up multiple virtual desktops.

It will be comparable to a “screen saver” on Mac where you have a list of different desktops, but you can’t see them all at once.

You’ll be able to shift from desktop to desktop like switching between screensavers on a Mac.

Provides Transition Between Desktop and Laptop to Facilitate Multitasks:

Windows 11 new OS includes many exciting features.

One of the most impressive is Snap Grouping, which will let users create small groups of apps for easier and more convenient multitasking.

It provides you an opportunity to change the location of open windows without losing originality.

Windows 11 Specifications/ Minimum System Requirements:

Sr. No.Specifications
1Processor1 Ghz or faster (64 - bit)
2Ram4 GB
3Storage64 GB or more
4System FirmwareUEFI secure boot capable
5Trusted Platform ModuleVersion 2.0
6Graphic CardCompatible with DirectX 12 or later
7DisplayHigh Definition 720p (greater than 9" diagonally)
8Internet Connection and Microsoft AccountMicrosoft account + Internet Connectivity is required for device setup. Switching also requires internet connectivity

Feature Specific Requirements for Windows 11

Sr. No.Specifications
15G SupportRequire 5 G capable Modem
2Auto HDRRequire HDR Monitor
3BitLocker to goRequire USB Flash
4Client Hyper VRequire second level processor
5CortonaRequire microphone and speaker
6Direct StorageRequire NVMe SSD to store and run games
7DirectX 12Support games and graphic chips
8PresenceRequire sensor to detect human distance from device
9Intelligent Video ConferencingRequire video camera, microphone, speaker
10Multiple Voice AssistantRequire microphone and speaker
11SnapThree column layout requires screen
12Mute/ Unmute (From Taskbar)Require video camera, microphone, speaker
13Spatial SoundRequire supporting hardware and software
14TeamsRequire video camera, microphone, speaker
15TouchRequire screen, monitor with multi-touch
16Two Factor AuthentiacationRequire PIN Biometric
17Voice TypingRequire PC with a microphone,
18Wake on VoiceRequire standby power model and microphone
19Wi - Fi 6ERequire WLAN IHV Hardware
20Windows HelloRequire camera configured IR imaging and finger print reader for biometric identification
21Windows ProjectionRequire a display adapter which support window display driver mode
22Xbox (app)Requires Xbox live account

How to Download and Install Windows 11 Right Now!

You don’t have to wait till the end of the year.

Microsoft has made windows insider build available where you can download and install windows 11 and practically experience the windows 11 user interface.

You can also leave your feedback after using windows 11 about anything you want to change in the final version which is coming out at the end of this year.

This will help Microsoft to polish the end version before release.

Steps to install windows 11 to your windows 10 are as follows:

  • Go to the taskbar and type in “Windows Insider” and press enter

Windows Insider

  • A dialogue box appear that shows “Get Insider Preview Builds”

Get Insider Preview Builds

  • Now Click on “Get Started” tab highlighted below

Get Started

  • After clicking get started a tab appears from which you can choose your preferred Microsoft account to sign in.

Sign In to your Microsoft Account

  • In case you don’t have any account, you can register yourself to Microsoft
  • After signing in a window appears that shows pick your windows insider settings

Pick your Insider settings

  • It is recommended to use Dev Channel, the downside of choosing this is it is highly unstable but you can use all functionalities in this mode
  • After selecting Dev channel “Go Back”
  • Now click on “Windows Update” tab

Click on Update in How to download and Install Windows 11

  • After this window 11 preview starts downloading and installing
  • Once the installation finishes click to restart windows

Windows 11 will be installed successfully

This will take about 1 hour, so be patient.

Is Windows 11 Free?

No. You can’t get Windows 11 for free. You’ll have to pay for it.

Although you can get windows 11 for free only if you have a genuine window 10 installed on your desktop or laptop.

What is new in Windows 11?

Windows 11 benefits are listed below for your reference:

See things from a different perspective:

With the latest release of Windows 10, you get a fresh new look and feel for creating.

A redesigned Start menu brings a delightfully calming experience to your desktop and gives you the freedom to explore new ways to connect with your content, games, news, and favorite people.

You, in charge of content:

With Microsoft Edge and over a dozen widgets, you can quickly get the information and news you want.

Find the news, weather, and entertainment you need without leaving your browser.

And don’t forget, the new Microsoft Store brings the latest apps to your Windows 10 PC – in one place.

Play. Anywhere. Anytime:

Windows 11 will revolutionize the gaming world, making it far more accessible and exciting than ever before.

With Xbox Game Pass, gamers can now access to over 100 free games anywhere, anytime.

Each of us will have his or her own personal computer:

The Windows operating system now runs on the widest variety of devices, from their partners who are bringing you the latest innovations in touch, pen, and voice to assist you in finding the best and convenient one for you.

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