Free YouTube Tools: Tips for Growing your YouTube Channel

Free YouTube Tools: Tips for Growing your YouTube Channel

Believe it or not, it’s true. Every minute, 60 hours long video is uploaded to YouTube alone. This means every second one hour long, and videos are uploaded to YouTube.

Competition is tough. There are millions of videos on YouTube for your attention, and you’re competing with all of them. It’s not easy to succeed online. It’s even more complex with such high competition. But what if you could find a free way to do it? Free tools exist to help new and veteran creators alike. This article outlines 6 free YouTube tools that can provide new subscribers all day long.

When it comes to growing your YouTube channel, there are many shady ways to go about it. The most toxic is buying subscribers. This doesn’t seem right and will get you nowhere.

Instead of staying stagnant, let’s begin looking for ways to grow your YouTube channel organically.

Were you looking for YouTube tools to grow your channel? Here are 6 free YouTube tools to help you get started.

6 Free YouTube Tools for YouTube Channel Growth is a website that offers this tool.

The tool provides valuable analytics for brands on YouTube, helping them understand the videos they make and the ones they are competing against. It allows them to create high-quality videos that rank quickly on YouTube.

free youtube tools

Two primary services catch your attention. The first service is about analytics.

With this feature, you can view videos and channels from a different perspective. Traditional analytics give you an overview of your pipeline, but you can see deep analytics of your videos and channel with this feature.

With tool, every creator can understand how to create the type of video that will rank and grow their channel. It also offers advice on promoting and advertising to get the most views and followers.

Second Free YouTube tool that incorporates for channel growth

This tool is a youtube keyword tool for free. intelligent search function finds new topics for you to cover in your next video posts or finds videos of yours similar to others. The idea is to grow your viewership by drawing new viewers with the content you post.

When you upload a video to YouTube, the tool will suggest tags and titles that improve your ranking.

If you want to grow on YouTube, is a free resource to help. It requires an invitation to get in. You can then access all of the necessary tools to become popular on YouTube.


Ubersuggest is the best youtube keyword tool free for YouTube videos that will ultimately help you make more money.

youtube keyword tool free

You can find what you’re looking for by searching, and it will tell you the monthly search volume and level of difficulty for each keyword.

This allows you to rank your YouTube video with words that people search for more every month but have low competition. The search engine’s keyword tool also provides a cost per click used in your SEO strategy.

ubersuggest keyword tool

AdSense is the best way to make money on YouTube. But if you want lots of AdSense income, you need lots of views and traffic. Your first step is to select the correct keywords with high CPC.

Ubersuggest will surely help you to boost your channel growth.

Social Bluebook:

This free tool will help you figure out what to charge for advertising on your channel!

know your channel value with social bluebook

For instance, you wish to sponsor a product, service, or a person on your channel, and Social Bluebook can tell you how much that would cost.

You can add a channel to your social bluebook account and see a suggestion of how much you might make from a video or a sponsored ad. This is very helpful if you want to advertise someone and make more money from your videos. Free YouTube Tool:

Do you want to make a YouTube thumbnail or banner? You can do so with the help of Canva. There are plenty of templates and tools for you to use and customize.

Canva is a fabulous free online program that you can use to create your own YouTube thumbnail quickly. It provides many libraries, features, effects, tools, templates, and photos to help you make an incredible design.

Some features are only available in the paid version. For example, you can buy this for $11 per month to access more images, templates, and elements.

Painting a perfect image for your YouTube is hard. Who has the time to sit around and edit video footage? That is why we use Canva.

It is a must-have tool that easily creates stunning images for you to use for thumbnail covers or channel arts. The majority of the pictures here are created with this beautiful app!


The following tool on the list is TubeBuddy. This free YouTube tool analyses your channel and lets you know of problems, provides solutions and helps with growth.

free youtube tools tubebuddy tool

If you’re struggling on YouTube, TubeBuddy can help. This tool will track your keywords always to know what’s happening on YouTube for your channel.

Tubebuddy is the perfect tool for increasing the SEO of your video. They offer an A/B split test that allows you to compare different thumbnails for future videos, which will help optimize your video for success!

compare different thumbnails tubebuddy

I suggest this tool for the growth of your YouTube channel specially.

Fontjoy helps you generate beautiful font combinations. First, choose the thumbnail you want to use. Then, by hitting the “generate,” button you will receive different styles of fonts. From these font styles, you can choose that will fit your thumbnail.

fontjoy change the style of fonts

The option exists to find out the fonts by doing some research that you like. You can incorporate these fonts in your YouTube Thumbnails.

In case you wish to download the font, you’ll be redirected to Google Fonts. You can incorporate these fonts into the software which you use to create YouTube thumbnails.


Unlike other YouTube tutorials, these tips are six free YouTube tools that will help you grow your channel with a professional look.

If you employ these free tools, it is possible to grow the traffic to your YouTube channel by 100%. So, these tools are worth it.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. We’re always happy to help!

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