5 Best Free SEO Tools For YouTube

Ranking your YouTube video or expanding the overall reach is worth more than publishing a series of videos. When it comes to YouTube, quality/uniqueness can get you more results than quantity. This is the main ingredient to skyrocket your YouTube success in terms of subscribers and views.

The other thing besides this that can aid your success process is SEO. Most SEO tools cost a lot, and youtube beginners cannot afford them. Therefore the main purpose of this article is to highlight essential information on 100% free SEO tools for YouTube. Sounds Curious? Keep reading to uncover the facts!

Free Youtube Keyword Research Tool

A free youtube keyword research tool is an application or software which can freely assist you in finding relevant keywords. These keywords, in the end, can assist you in boosting your rank on YouTube.

List of Free SEO Tools For YouTube

1.   Google Keyword Planner

The number one free keyword research tool for YouTube is the Google keyword planner. The Google keyword planner assists ad campaigns to rank higher on Google around specific keywords.

Besides this, you can use it for ranking purposes on Google and youtube. This tool lets you find new keywords, approximate search traffic, and difficulty level. You can use this tool for successful SEO and effective ad campaigns. This tool is a completely free SEO solution for your YouTube videos. It offers all services that you can expect from an SEO tool.

2.   Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest a free youtube keyword research tool by Neil Patel. With this tool, you can conduct competition analysis, statistics for backlinks, keyword research, etc. It also offers some premium features you can retrieve only by paying some amount.

You can perform three successful keyword searches in a single day with Ubersuggest. It is mainly popular because of its freebie nature. An option exists to conduct research and retrieve keywords depending on the URL of your custom site.

3.   VidIQ

VidIQ also refers to an extension of the Chrome web browser. It offers many tools to assist youtube video creators in skyrocketing their visibility and presence. The main tools include competitor analysis, tracking of analytics, and keyword research.

You can also optimize or tweak your tags, descriptions, and titles to get higher engagement and ranking. You can also explore better functionalities and features in a premium plane which requires some fees. With excellent tools, you can deal with video scheduling, real-time performance monitoring, and super-easy analytics.

4.   Answer The Public

Compared to the other keyword research tools, the answer to the public is slightly different. It represents keywords in the form of questions people ask on the internet. Answer the public feature long tail keywords that are usually low competition. This means they have a better potential for higher ranking.

You can find keywords on each alphabet for the specific topic with answers to the public. It is completely free, and you can access it regardless of your location or position around the globe. Answer the public help you to get higher traffic and a chance of featuring in Google snippets.

5.   Keywords Everywhere

The last tool in the list of free SEO tools for youtube is keywords everywhere. It is 100% free. It comes in the form of Firefox or Google extension. To begin using the keywords around, you need simple research on Google. It will represent all relevant and powerful SEO keywords right before you. You also don’t need to log in.

Besides this, you will also get suggestions for suitable keywords. This will assist you in setting up an effective campaign. A premium plan will help you access the advanced features if you want to explore more.

If you are a beginner YouTuber, choose any one of the tools above or collectively use them together. These free SEO tools for YouTube will never let you down.