DxO Photolab 4.0 Review: Is it Worth the Price?

DxO Photolab 4.0 Review: Is it Worth the Price?

If you’ve got a project in mind and want to get it done right, you should give DxO PhotoLab a try. It’s unlike any other editor out there, and it offers many tools and functions. You can edit a variety of photos. It has the same capabilities as Snapseed Photoshop, Pixelmator, and Lightroom. DxO photo lab 4.0 review will provide you with some in-depth insights about this piece of software.

DxO Photolab 4.0 Review

The DxO photolab software has a fantastic way of processing RAW images and a user-friendly interface. It includes all the tools necessary for adjusting images, such as a white balance tool, a crop function, and much more. If you’re starting, you can choose a Basic plan with DxO photolab 4.0. If that’s not enough for you, upgrade to the Pro account to get more!

DxO PhotoLab is the one thing in your e-commerce store that you don’t need to buy twice. This tool helps you engage customers and resolve issues such as abandonment of shopper carts, high bounce rates, and general consumer frustration.

Get your hands on DxO’s best features in the newly released Photo Lab 4. It uses the Nik technology to assist you with local adaptation and other features to help you get the best possible pictures.

The software is beginner-friendly, but each photographer still has to manage their files and maintain their organization. The great thing about the software is that you can tweak it to run at high speed. While it’s great that the software offers an accelerated rendering time, we still wish that it could offer a more effortless workflow experience.

DxO Photolab 4.0 Review: Features

  • Image corrections with just one click
  • Ever wish your photos looked crisper? A photo enhancer can do the trick. An app will lighten dark areas and darken light ones, making pictures look sharper to 150%.
  • The option exists to swap the lenses to alter the distance from which you take pictures
  • Change the mood of the photo by changing the tone curve, eye color, and vignetting.
  • Rendering allows you to change the visual style of your pictures
  • Lens sharpness, chromatic abrasion, Style toning, and Unsharp masking.
  • Exposure compensation can be set to allow for brightening or darkening of the composition. Color accentuation can be used to bring out colors in the photo.


  • DxO Photolab allows photographers to fix lens issues with their photos and make them perfect with lens corrections tools.
  • RAW processing allows for the precise editing of images.
  • Photolab will offer you a fast, brilliant, and intelligent artificial intelligence solution to help you build a fantastic brand.
  • Interface modifications can be a game-changer in how visitors perceive your site. Providing only a few interface changes can improve your site’s visitor experience.
  • Great autocorrection feature based on what happens when a photo focuses and the size of the aperture.
  • Images are all geometric from now on.

Drawbacks DxO Photolab

  • Don’t include an onslaught of advanced tools.
  • There’s a slight delay when we’re performing high-level noise removal.
  • The Elite version is the only one that will provide all of the necessary tools for photographers and designers, and it will cost you more.
  • Fuji X-T1 RAW files are not supported.

Why Choose DxO Photolab 4.0?

Want to Showcase Your Natural Radiance? Clearview Plus

DxO Clearview Plus is a new software that will let you remove haze from your photos. It’s fast and easy and will help improve your images with sharpness and clarity. It’s perfect for photographers on the go and will enhance your pictures.

DxO Phototlab 4.0 Review natural radiance

Now you can make your pictures look professional, even if they were taken by a camera phone. Create a natural light filter or give them a buttery smooth finish; these tools will enhance the photo no matter what.

DxO Optics Pro’s blendable face filters are an easy way to adjust your model’s skin instantly. With patented sensor-shift technology, DxO’s photolab adjustment features can sharpen photos and give them a vivid look.

U Point Technology Helps Your Photos Come to Life

Today, photographers need all the help they can get. Luckily, there’s a helpful tool in DxO photolab 4.0 called U POINT that offers real-time guidance and intelligent corrections for your images. With just a few clicks, you can turn your pictures into perfect, high-quality photos that will enhance your portfolio and bring in more clients.

U Point Technology DxO Photolab

Changing the appearance of a photo couldn’t be simpler! You can make quick and brilliant changes to your images with a few clicks. Want to make subtle changes to an image? You can adjust its color saturation, lighting, and value with the use of tools. These adjustments are intuitive and straightforward; you don’t need to be a professional designer.

Marketing Strategy: DxO Photolab Color Wheel

DxO PhotoLab has taken the hard work out of mastering color in your photos. It’s easy to use, intelligent tool that automatically matches the color to the scene you capture. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who edits images in other software. Color Wheel has been created with the user’s needs in mind.

DxO Photolab Colorwheel

Design your images with the colors you want. Experiment with colors to find which look best for your products. Spend time perfecting your photos with editing tools to make sure they have the right color tone.

DxO is a program that professional photographers use to edit their photos. It’s a groundbreaking HSL tool that changes the way people work with images, and it’s a leading provider of high-end photo editing software.

Backlighting Reveals the True Essence of Complex Items

Don’t let your images get overexposed! Retouching is a digital painting technique used to create more flattering photos. It can help make photos look stable, brighter, and more durable. DxO Smart Lighting is a foolproof lighting correction tool that intelligently adjusts and eliminates reflections and makes images look their best.

DxO Photolab Backlighting


When you need to capture the perfect moment, it’s essential that the lighting is just proper. The Automatic Face Recognition will make sure you get the best results. This sensor also corrects for heavier spots on your face or other areas in the picture, so you can get the photo you want.

Easy Photos Management

DxO photo Library makes managing and organizing digital images more accessible than ever. It’s perfect for people who need to manage lots of photos, like photographers or business people. What’s the best part about DxO Photo Library? It lets you easily create a searchable library to store all your photos.

DxO photolab photo management

With the skyrocketing popularity of online shopping, consumers are now more than capable of finding what they’re searching for. It’s no surprise that 53% of shoppers are down towards purchasing a product they found on the internet through a keyword. That’s precisely why PhotoLab by DXO can help you optimize your photos before export.

Find the Right Option for You:

Don’t get discouraged if your photo is too light or dark. It needs the help of a gradient filter to balance exposure and make picture details visible. This effect is excellent when you want to emphasize a particular area of the image without overdoing it and hurting the rest of the picture or when you need to control the level of bass for a song.

find the right option for you

Add A Touch of Artistry:

This is a handy tool in DxO Photolab 4.0. It’s perfect for fixing minor flaws in your images, and the ability to change the opacity of the brush allows you to cover up those pesky blemishes.

Add Artistic effect to your images

The brush is fun to play with when it comes to creating art. When creating ads or web copy, brands should enjoy the creative process and experiment with the brush to create something new and expressive.

The old saying “think outside the box” is never more relevant than in advertising and branding. Creatives should be open to real-life experiences and any inspiration from them that you can use to represent your brand uniquely.

Correcting Flaws

The Repair Tool is the easiest way to fix your photos. It can instantly remove imperfections like glitches or dust spots. You don’t need to spend hours trying to take out these imperfections.

Correcting Flaws in your images

Masking Your Identity: DxO Photolab 4.0 Review

Editing photos can be pretty tedious. You have to scroll through different menus, figure out what tool you need, and then use it. However, luckily for us, there is a much simpler way to do this. The Local Adjustments palette provides the power of editing tools in one menu. The popular tools include brightness, exposure, and contrast.

DxO Photolab Price


Sr. No.

Features DxO Photolab Essential DxO Photolab 4.0 Elite



No Yes


Deep Prime Denoising

No Yes


DxO Clear view plus

No Yes


DxO Instant Watermarking

No Yes


DCP and ICC profile Support

No Yes


Multiple Exports

No Yes


Preset Editors

No Yes


Batch Renaming

No Yes






DxO Smart Workspace

Yes Yes


Control Points

Yes Yes


Masks Management

Yes Yes


DxO Color wheel + Hue Picker

Yes Yes


DxO Lens Sharpener

Yes Yes


Selective Copy/ Paste

Yes Yes


Advanced History

Yes Yes


Keywords management

Yes Yes


Photo Library

Yes Yes


Optical corrections

Yes Yes


DxO smart lightning

Yes Yes


Built-in Presets

Yes Yes


Batch Processing

Yes Yes


Customizable workspace

Yes Yes


Full-screen mode

Yes Yes


Export feature

Yes Yes


Interaction with lightroom

Yes Yes


Geometrical corrections

Yes Yes


Analog and creative renderings

Yes Yes
Price ($) 129



How did professionals react to DxO PhotoLab 4.0?

Sr. No. Name Review Website
1 Chris Gorman One of the easiest ways to improve your conversion rate optimization efforts is by adding watermarks to your photos. You can use it to show that you’re the original photographer or to add the DxO mark. Adding watermarks is super simple and takes just a few clicks using your favorite software.
2 Soli kanami The following is my experience with the high ISO settings on my camera and the Denoise filter built into it. I am delighted with the result, and the noise level is low enough that I do not need to use other tools to clean up my pictures.
3 Francesco Gola DxO Smart Workspace is a digital workspace that lets you recreate the exact workflow vision you have in mind. This focus helps me be more productive and gives me all of the tools I need to complete my work.


What Are the Minimum System Requirements for DxO Photolab 4.0?

For Windows:

Sr. No.


Specifications Required



Intel Core i7



512 MB



8 GB of RAM



Windows 7 or Higher


Disk Space

4 GB free

6 Monitor

At least 1280×768

For Mac:

Sr. No.


Specifications Required


Mac Model




Core i7 or Better


OS Version

MacOS 10.14.6 or higher



8 GB



4 GB Free Space



At least 1280×768

DxO Photolab Vs. Lightroom

The French company DxO has created a new photo editing program for amateur photographers. The website says it’s designed to deal with very poor-quality images, reduce noise, and instantly correct imperfections.

Lightroom is a photo-editing program that functions mainly on Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is a great program, but those looking for a more effortless editing experience might prefer Lightroom. Lightroom is the most popular photo editing software, and it also has many features that Photoshop has. Specifically, Lightroom can be used to resize photos, enhance colors, apply filters and pour in effects, and more.

Final Verdict

DxO PhotoLab is already a powerful photography app with excellent tools. With their new Deep PRIME, you can get the best picture of what the photo will look like even if the original file was low quality.

DxO Photolab 4.0 Review

One of the best things about this program is the customization. You get to decide how you want your workspace to look. It also offers batch editing, which makes it easier for you to do any work. This ultimately increases your productivity.

DxO PhotoLab is a fantastic software that can help you with all of your photo editing needs. Uniquely, it has powerful tools for editing your images quickly, along with a simple interface that is both modern and functional.

So, you must invest in to enjoy the incredible experience of DxO Photolab 4.0, especially if you are a beginner. If the DxO Photolab 4.0 review was helpful for you or not, let me know in the comments.

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