ChatGPT Vs. Google: Will Google Sink?

Crossing over a million users just in 1 week after launch, trending everywhere on the internet, hundreds of tweets and headlines. This has raised questions about whether ChatGPT will transform people’s internet use. Will ChatGPT force people to leave Google in the near future? To answer these questions, you need to consider every single aspect. This is why this comparison aims to highlight every difference between ChatGPT Vs. Google.

ChatGPT Vs. Google

What Is Google?

Google is a renowned and remarkably popular search engine that allows you to search for anything on the internet. Google Covers possesses a major share of around 92.58% in the market.

What is ChatGPT?

Simply a ChatGPT refers to Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. You can define it as an AI Chatbot that offers conversational interaction similar to real humans. It features training that allows ChatGPT to predict the upcoming sentences or words series.

ChatGPT Vs. Google: Working Mechanism

Google responds against a search term by listing billions of webpages/articles, hopefully containing the information on a particular search term. Google crawls millions of URLs and stores the data by indexing. Google arranges the content on specific keywords, which refers to SEO. Depending on the user query, Google represents the data in successive order.

On the other hand, ChatGPT responds against a query or search intent utilizing its database. The ChatGPT works on GPT 3.5 module. It has used huge amounts of data directly from the internet in its training. It also utilizes human feedback and convenient usage in its context. This contributes to ChatGPT’s quick response and denies inappropriate search queries.

Notable Differences Between ChatGPT and Google


·       Google Index has a database size of up to 1,00,000,000 GB.

·       The usage of Google does not require any charges or funds

·       You can retrieve the latest and real-time data through Google

·       Google provides the source of particular information through multiple pages

·       You can get answers to your search term in multiple forms, including audio, text, video, illustrations, or even images


·       ChatGPT understands the queries or prompts by utilizing NLP (Natural Processing Language)

·       The database size of the ChatGPT prototype is only 570 GB.

·       In the near future, you will need to pay to make use of ChatGPT

·       ChatGPT does not contain the information or data of the event after September 2021

·       You cannot get the sources of information through ChatGPT

·       ChatGPT only gives answers to prompts or queries in text form

Open AI ChatGPT Vs. Google: Accuracy Score

The accuracy of ChatGPT and Google varies and depends on the search term or query. Suppose you ask ChatGPT and Google a simple and common question. Then the accuracy of both is unquestionable.

But this is not the case regarding technical or highly complex queries. In such a scenario, Google will be the clear winner.

In the end, if you ask opinion-based query or search term, both will respond differently. ChatGPT gives a response as per the data it has trained on. And google offers results to webpages containing the relevant info.

ChatGPT Vs. Google: Reliability Score

In some cases, ChatGPT and Google are reliable, and in some cases, they are not. Consider the historical query. When you put in Google and ChatGPT, they both give responses accurately.

This is also the case when it comes to scientific questions. Both ChatGPT and Google provide answers accurately.

But when it comes to the controversial query. You can rely on Google to compare and evaluate the information from various sources. For ChatGPT, it depends on the data quality or accuracy on which the model has trained on.

ChatGPT Vs. Google: Usability

ChatGPT supports dynamic applications. You can use ChatGPT for almost anything you can imagine. The key usage areas include:

  1.        Copywriting
  2.        SEO Content Writing
  3.       SEO/ Digital Marketing
  4.        Code and Debug areas
  5.       Translation
  6.       Solving Mathematical Problems
  7.        Chatbot

You can apply this application to Google or use them for personal sake. In the usability, ChatGPT has established a solid reputation.

Verdict: ChatGPT Vs. Google Which One Better?

Microsoft has already put a lot into OpenAI. They have launched a combination of ChatGPT with Bing. This may be dreadful for Google in the near future. Still, which one is the clear winner demands extensive debate.

FAQs on Google and ChatGPT

Does Google See ChatGPT As A Threat?

According to the NY Times, the management team at Google focused on AI product development. This indicates the impact of ChatGPT on Google drivers. So, yes, it is true that Google Sees ChatGPT as a threat.

Can You Perform SEO With ChatGPT?

ChatGPT will completely transform the way SEO takes place. It curates the needs for page audit, keyword research, title generation, outline creation etc.

Will ChatGPT Impact Blogging?

AI-generated content will become a common thing in the near future. This will end up making the actual content less accessible. Apart from this, Google does not rank AI content. It only ranks the highly unique and original content. So, the value of the real content will rise.

Will ChatGPT replace programmers?

Although ChatGPT can generate or write codes. But programming does not have limitations to coding only. ChatGPT does not master solving issues. So, it will not be able to replace the programmers.