ChatGPT Vs Google Bard: The Definitive Comparison

ChatGPT and Google Bard refer to AI Chatbots designed to respond to prompts. Individuals and Businesses can benefit from ChatGPT and Google Bard in content creation, development and even more. Find highlights against various aspects to witness which one serves you the best.

ChatGPT Overview

In simple words, ChatGPT is a Chatbot created by OpenAI. It copies human nature in creating responses. This is because it has utilized huge amounts of data in its training.

Google Bard Overview

Google Bard also refers to an AI chatbot. Like ChatGPT, Google can generate responses against the questions or prompts you put in.

Working Mechanism of ChatGPT and Google Bard

Google Bard utilizes a light LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) version that needs low computing power for higher user satisfaction. Bard takes up information directly through the web and provides good responses. You can use Bard by giving the instructions in the form of text. The option exists to instruct Bard to generate summaries, translations, and content.

ChatGPT works on GPT 3.5/4.0 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer). It makes use of special algorithms to locate specific patterns within data sequencing. Utilizing a large dataset in its training allows it to understand the user intent and respond accordingly. The data on which the ChatGPT has trained gather through web scraping across various means on Google.

Notable Differences Between the Google Bard and ChatGPT

Some of the key differences that you should consider include:


  • The data source of ChatGPT includes Wikipedia, articles, books, documents, and internet content.
  • It contains the data on events before September 2021. You cannot get data on the latest happening or real-time data through ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT utilization incur some cost to get better feature and performance
  • The total number of parameters of ChatGPT is 175 billion
  • The main aim behind the development of the ChatGPT is to support all types of text generation

Google Bard

  • The Google Bard data sources include documents, dialogues, and conversations directly from the internet.
  • Google Bard contains Realtime data and extracts particular data through the web. This means you will always get updated data
  • Google Bard is completely free to use. This is because Google makes the most earning through ads.
  • The total number of parameters for Google Bard is 137 billion
  • The main aim behind the development of Google Bard is to facilitate the specific search process

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard: The Common Thing In Between

There is one thing common between the two AI Chatbots. This is the deep-learning neural network. ChatGPT and Google Bard utilize transformer algorithms for learning.

The working science behind the Transformer is that it can read paragraphs or sentences. It focuses on the words or terms and realizes their relation. Depending on this, it predicts the next word in the series. This is the only common thing between the two chatbots, which reflects not too much difference.

ChatGPT and Google Bard: Which One is More Accurate?

Accuracy is the number one thing that is the top priority among many. For instance, if you put “cost estimation for XX business” in the query. ChatGPT 4.0 provides valuable insights by highlighting the key details for each element. It also throws light on the key figures for each component. This is possible because of the 100 trillion-plus parameters utilization in training.

However, because of low computing power, Google Bard is less accurate regarding figures and elements. It provides comprehensive details generally on the particular aspect.

ChatGPT and Google Bard: Information Synthesizing

Suppose you want to understand anything, such as a topic or get deep insights. Then Google Bard is a clear winner. It offers the answer with detailed comprehension and examples, making it easy and convenient to understand.

On the other side, ChatGPT does not do this. It just simply provides you with an overview without focusing on real-life examples. This is mainly because of social media integration and inventory management.

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard: Data Recency

Data recency refers to if the data you will obtain is recent or outdated. Google Bard has active internet access. This means anything you search retrieves the data online and in real-time. While the ChatGPT offers outdated data, only if you search for anything after September 2021. This is the major limitation of ChatGPT in comparison to Google Bards.

Google Bard and ChatGPT: Coding

ChatGPT 4.0 will never let you down when you are on the edge of writing code. It offers a complete and comprehensive solution for any code you want. The ChatGPT 4.0 follows a series and step steps to ensure goal accomplishment. On the other hand, Google Bard lacks the detailing and offers an incomplete solution. The Google Bard is not a good option if you are a beginner.

Pros and Cons of ChatGPT and Google Bard

ChatGPT Pros

  • ChatGPT is super-fast in comparison to the Google Bard
  • Huge training dataset utilization of the ChatGPT enables it to mimic the human response nature
  • The ChatGPT can write programs in multiple languages, such as Java and Python.
  • ChatGPT supports over 20 languages

Google Bard Pros

  • The quality of the text that Google Bard can produce is remarkable
  • It supports a plethora of programming languages
  • Google Bard allows you to create content in Korean, US English, and Japanese

ChatGPT Cons

  • Often there is inaccuracy and errors present in the responses
  • Offers outdated data

Google Bard Cons

  • Transformers with bigger databases require higher computational power

Final Words: ChatGPT vs. Google Bard

Both ChatGPT and Google Bard have their features and benefits. In general, ChatGPT is the clear winner in many cases.

If you need recency and answers to the latest events, use Google Bard. On the other hand, use the ChatGPT.

Since both offer a free version (unless you get a paid version of ChatGPT 4.0). You can use both for the same purpose and pick the results which you think are best.

Both the bots are incredible in the true sense, but please note the modification does not end here. In the future, you will experience more powerful modifications that will change the dynamics.

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