ChatGPT Stealing Website Content: How To Safeguard?

Open AI has put forth an announcement regarding ChatGPT’s additional feature, referred to as Browsing Alpha. The Browsing Alpha is an incredible model. Its main role is to make ChatGPT agents capable of crawling particular websites for relevant information extraction in real time. This means ChatGPT can get up-to-date information. Users can get this mode in ChatGPT Plus, which costs around $20.

This blog post aims to cater for information on why it is important to safeguard your website content. Apart from this, you will also get insights on different methods to safeguard your content from ChatGPT. Sounds captivating? Keep reading!

How is ChatGPT stealing Your Website Content?

ChatGPT’s main purpose is to expand its popularity and capture more users. For this sake, it has made the Browsing Alpha model. This model extracts and crawls the data that does not exist in its database.

It does this in real-time means it extracts the updated data. Browsing Alpha send a user agent to a specific website containing the relevant answer and crawls and extract useful data. It follows this pattern (only if the relevant data is not present in the database):

  • First, it searches for relevant results as per the user query
  • Second, it crawls and absorbs information
  • Thirdly it exits

How ChatGPT crawl webpages and steal website content

It repeats this step until it gets all the relevant information. Later it analyzes the collected data and then prepares a comprehensive answer for the user. ChatGPT does all this in a snap.

Why You Need To Safeguard Your Website Content From ChatGPT?

The answer lies in why bloggers create content. Considerable for safeguarding your web content are:

  • You create content to draw traffic and organic visitors to their site/blog. ChatGPT with Browsing Alpha cut down your organic website traffic. Since users get all the information directly from ChatGPT 4.0.
  • When you don’t have visitors on your site. This means no click-on ads and no views. It also affects your rankings. Apart from this, those using the website to promote their services or blogging for affiliate marketing. Their revenue will drop substantially.
  • Another reason is ChatGPT is not rewarding you or paying you anything. ChatGPT is just stealing your website content.

You need to safeguard your website content. This will help you keep up your earnings and pace in the market.

The Secret Recipe For Safeguarding Website Content

The recipe is very simple. You can tweak your Robot.txt file on the go with the steps and screenshots below. You don’t need to possess any special knowledge of technical programming skills. There are two ways to edit a Robot.txt file such as:

  1. Using Yoast SEO Plugin (Free)
  2. Accessing Robot.txt Through C-Panel

1.    Using Yoast SEO Plugin (Free)

All WordPress users have a Yoast SEO plugin. In case you don’t have a Yoast SEO plugin, then follow these steps to get one:

  • First, go to your WordPress website dashboard. Click on the plugins and later click on Add new


  • Then you need to type in the text Yoast and click search. The Yoast plugin will appear. Install it and activate Yoast.

ChatGPT Plus

Now you have Yoast SEO. To access and edit the Robot.txt file, you need to follow these steps:

  • Got to Yoast SEO and click on the Tools tab

ChatGPT stealing content: Choose-Yoast-SEO-and-then-click-tools-tab

  • It will take you to a new account. From here, click on “File Editor.”


  • Suppose you don’t see a Robot.txt file on the next page. The Yoast allows you to create a new one. After creating a new file, add these lines. Don’t forget to click on save changes.
  1. User-agent: ChatGpt-User
  2. Disallow:/


User-agent: ChatGpt-User


This is all. After editing the Robot.txt, no ChatGPT robot or agent can crawl or steal your website content.

2.    Accessing Robot.txt Through C-Panel

If you don’t prefer to use Yoast, you can also edit the Robot.txt from C-Panel. You can access your c-panel through the web hosting service you benefit from. Follow these steps to edit Robot.txt.

  • Login to your website hosting service and access the c-panel (layout varies from hosting service to hosting service)
  • Now access the “Files” section and go to “file manager.”


  • Locate the “public_html” and then find the Robot.txt file.

ChatGPT 4.0 stealing content

  • Choose the Robot.txt file and click on “edit” from the top


  • Now add these lines and click on save
  1. User-agent: ChatGpt-User
  2. Disallow:/

Block ChatGPT

Above are the ways you can protect your content from ChatGPT. If you think the information above is beneficial. Feel free to spread the word about it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this article in the comment section.