Canva Affiliate Program: How to Make $600 or More

Canva Affiliate Program: How to Make $600 or More

Do you think Canva is an excellent tool for non-designers? Do you know someone who needs a creative boost? Would you confidently share it with your audience? Non-designers often struggle with design and branding. If you’re thinking about starting a new business, or you want to make more money on the side, this blog post is for you. Here’s how you can make a lot of money using the Canva affiliate program.

The Canva referral program is an excellent way to make money. I’ll tell you all about it in this blog post. The Pro subscription is great because it’s easy to start making money by promoting it if you read through.

This article will give you various tips to help you promote Canva and make $600 or more money from it. Exciting? Promising? Let’s start now.

Canva Affiliate Program: Introduction

Melanie Perkins founded Canva, a design tool for those without design experience, in 2012. In the years since, it has become a popular tool with more than 18 million users worldwide. Its popularity is due to its simplicity, ease of use, and low cost.

Canva affiliate program

As you can see, Canva has the potential to reach your target audience. As an online marketer, you can earn money for this impression with their affiliate program. Please give them your best effort and reap the rewards.

Canva is offering an excellent commission for its affiliate program! I’ll be receiving 80% on Canva Pro for the first two months and 25% commission for annual subscriptions. That’s a pretty sweet deal, don’t you think?

You can do several things to publicize and boost your affiliate program for Canva. One option is blogging about the company, another is email marketing, and lastly, you can use social media to promote your business. I’ll provide more information about the program in the following sections.

Make Money with Canva Affiliate

As an affiliate for Canva, you can earn a different amount of money depending on your promotion strategy. Some affiliates, for example, can make a few dollars, whereas others can receive four or six-figure payments for the sign-ups. There is a potential to earn up to $36 per referral for their Pro subscription as an affiliate.

Earn Money with canva pro

Wondering how much you can earn with Canva affiliate earnings? Here are the details:

  • For your general knowledge, Canva pays out its affiliates by one lump sum.
  • The Canva website places a cookie on your computer that lasts for 30 days.
  • There are tons of payment options that you may get, but some of the most popular are PayPal and bank transfers.
  • Canva offers two commission rates: 80% for customers who choose the annual subscription option and 15% for customers who prefer the monthly subscription option.
  • The affiliate technology company for Canva is known As Impact.

Canva Affiliate Program Review:

Canva has an outstanding affiliate program, which provides all the information and resources marketers need to promote Canva Pro. The program details how long the cookie remains on the customer’s computer, the commission per sale, and the email address for any marketing communications.

Canva affiliate commissions are extraordinary. Their commission rates are 80% for annual and 15% for monthly subscriptions. They also offer deep linking, promotions, and banners to advertise your business.

Canva affiliate program

The downsides of Canva’s affiliate program are plentiful. They have a short cookie duration for their program, which is far less than the industry standard. They also have a very low acceptance rate (43%) for affiliates.

Many digital marketers use Canva in their work, and the company’s affiliate program is a great bonus for them.

How to Make $600 or More With Canva

To start using Canva’s referral program, head to Impact and fill out the application. Once the Canva team approves, you’ll be able to share your affiliate link and start making money!

Become canva partner

The qualifications for this program are simple:

  • You have a large and engaged audience on all social media channels and digital platforms.
  • Will you be promoting Canva across your social media and digital marketing channels?
  1. To start your Canva affiliate account, head towards the Canva homepage and choose “join now.” If you’re an existing Impact user or want to try Canva, click to get started.
  2. The next step is to provide as much information as possible about you and your audience. Answer all the questions sincerely and honestly if you want to get approved.Canva application form
  3. To be accepted into the Canva Pro program, wait for the service to approve your application. To ensure your acceptance, the Canva needs to know how you will promote it.
  4. If you’ve applied to be an affiliate for Canva Pro, you should expect to receive a response within 48-72 hours. Reasons for rejection include that your platform is not relevant to design, too small, or too new.
  5. Go to the Canva website and sign up for their affiliate program. Once you are approved, use your HTML code or tracking link to promote it on your site. Designing banners for your ads is easier than ever with Canva. Design a catchy eye banner, provide your tracking link, and you’re good to go!

The Pro version of the app is the best way to make better commissions. It would help if you also used it for that reason. This article will provide you with 7 excellent tips to help promote your Canva Pro subscription easily.

7 Ways to Promote Canva and Make $600 or More Per Month

By choosing the ad campaign, you can easily promote and earn more than $600 per month. There are also a lot of ways exist which you can also employ to make more. Let’s take a look on those ways now.

7 ways to promote canva

  • Create easy-to-follow videos that educate people about design and how to use popular design programs such as Canva, including its benefits. Include your affiliate link in the description.
  • Write articles that assist both designers and non-designers simultaneously, and include your canvas promotional link.
  • Add the banner at the top and bottom of your article
  • Share your favorite design templates, fonts, and other design resources in Facebook groups. Make sure to post your work in Instagram Reels, too!
  • TikTok videos are great for marketing Canva. Canva offers some great templates, so be sure to share your referral link with them.
  • Create a blog post about Canva. Promote it on Pinterest.
  • To keep your customers happy, offer them value in the emails you send them.

Let me clear you with a few questions you are likely to have about the Canva affiliate program.

FAQs on the Canva Affiliate Program

Are there any Canva affiliate programs that are available to me?

Canva offers a referral program to make money. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who want to make money with their content. Start creating your designs or importing them from other sources. You can also take a significant benefit if you have a website with a large number of followers.

What are some tips for becoming an affiliate on Canva?

Canva wants to make you an affiliate. Join Canva Pro Affiliates by visiting the canvas website. Then, follow the simple sign-up process by inputting your information through the impact network. Once you’re registered, share your referral link with your audience to make money.

tips to become canva affiliate

How do I get affiliate links on Canva?

Here’s what you need to do after you’ve registered for the Canva Pro referral program. Then, select Canva from the list of brands within your Impact account. You can find the tracking link on the right side of your Canva dashboard.

Can I Make Money from Canva?

There are many ways to earn money with Canva. Through its affiliate program: you receive $36 for each Pro sign-up along with a single-time commission for a yearly Pro subscription. You can also design graphics for your clients and earn an hourly rate.

Which type of partner should I choose for Canva?

Canva is always looking for your powers! It asks you for your type of power to give you the best experience possible. If you’re a blogger, choose ‘Content.’ If you have a following on social media, choose ‘Social Media/Influencer.’ If you have an extensive email list, select ‘Email.’

Summary: Canva Affiliate Program

The Canva affiliate program has a simple and easy-to-follow process. If you recommend it to your audience, they can sign up for a free trial of the Pro subscription. When they do, they will become paying customers. Every time they convert from a free trial to a paying customer, you make money from it. Here’s a summary of the process:

Canva affiliate program

  • To join Canva Affiliates, click ‘Join Now’ on the website.
  • Sign up for Impact
  • Fill out the form honestly
  • After Canva approves your links, it’s time to promote them!

It’s not as complicated as it looks. But to be accepted, Canva requires only 43% of applicants. That’s why my suggestion is to start building your following first. It will help only if you have a substantial number of followers.

What are your thoughts on becoming an affiliate for Canva? Share with me below.

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