Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0 Upgrade: What’s New?

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0 Upgrade: What’s New?

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0 Upgrade allows users to edit photos with a quick and easy-to-use interface. It’s an excellent choice for any level of photographer or layperson who wants to edit images.

With features both powerful and easy to use, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is the ultimate photo editing software. You can edit photos with tools ranging from simple filters to more complicated ones that demand a high degree of skill. Not only that but it’s also designed with a user-friendly interface that will feel comfortable for even beginners. So go ahead, edit your photos!

ashampoo photo optimizer 8.0 upgrade

Version 8 is better than the recent version. There are no more problems with panorama photos being cropped and colors being inaccurate.

This editing app released significant improvements — more fluid transitions, fewer rigid frames, and a more straightforward, more “affable” interface.

Did you know that over a quarter population of the world is now connected to the Internet? It’s true! We’re all using it, and our online shopping habits are changing. For any e-commerce site looking to appeal to their customer’s online needs, their demands for exceptional photo editing software are on the rise. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 Upgrade has an easy-to-use interface full of powerful tools, so it’s a must-have for your sites.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0 Upgrade:


  • Simple and intuitive. Uncluttered and quick to navigate.
  • In one click, you can correct exposure and white balance with the help of the Auto-Optimizer tool.
  • Quick-fix photo edits just got a lot easier with the auto-backup feature. Your photos will automatically be saved with any adjustments you make.
  • Different kinds of editing tools for images.
  • You can do more than just put a watermark on an image. You can use it to tell a story or convey a message.
  • Ashampoo tools help you touch up a blemish or change your eye color, lipstick, or even your teeth!
  • There are a lot of great filters and effects that can give you precisely what you want.
  • Batch processing is an excellent strategy for businesses because it saves time and money.


  • You can edit images for your business quickly and cheaply.
  • Its vector-based shapes provide designers and artists with a simple way to manipulate their art.
  • Usually, adjust the brightness and color temperature of your lighting.
  • With more memory, you will get faster and more stable performance.
  • Saving your favorite features is a great way to access them more accessible.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0 Upgrade: What is Inside?

This is a massive time-saver for photographers who want to improve the quality of their photos. Photo Optimizer 8 contains a standpoint adjustment function for photographers who wish to remove all distortions from their images. To use it, select the type of distortion, and Photoshop will fix it for you.

Wherever You Are, See Your World:

The Photo Optimizer 8 has an invaluable tool that corrects distortion, including radial distortion and standpoint distortion. This, combined with other handy features, can help you to capture the perfect photo.

Use of Your Favorites Is Easy

If you are trying to find your favorite functions, you don’t need to waste your time. You don’t have to search through endless menus anymore. Adding your favorites to the menu will allow you to get to them quickly and easily.

Ashampoo photo optimizer 8.0 upgradeUse of Your Favorites Is Easy

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 lets you customize your favorites bar with your most favorite tools.

Unmatched Image Auto-Optimization:

The secret of your site photo’s perfection is in the sophisticated algorithms. Every image is analyzed for flaws, pixel size, for the amount of space it takes up on the screen. The goal is to present an optimized photo so that it stands out and grabs attention.

Unmatched Image Auto-Optimization:

To find opportunities for improvement, you must first analyze each pixel and compare it to the others. You can also search for specific keywords. You can accomplish it by using inbuilt Ashampoo Optimizer 8.0 technology

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 is the best way to confirm your images are alive and vibrant for all customers to see. This app makes it easy to improve your rank on Google search and yahoo Bing, etc.

Enough Value of Fine-Tuning Tools:

You may need to edit your image with a few adjustments. Version 8 offers many features to fine-tune your pictures, such as hue and saturation adjustment. This can change the entire look of your photo.

Enough Value of Fine-Tuning Tools:

To make a RAW file look better, you can use the tone curve. For example, you might use it for a low-light situation or if there’s a lot of solid color contrast. Clicking on the shadows, individual highlights, blacks, and mid-tones allows you to modify them all at once.

Enhance Contrast and Color:

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0 is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to optimize and edit their images! Its auto-optimization features will always ensure the best results. And, if that’s not enough, it has an image editing function that can be used to make any photo look its best — even ones that may have looked bleak before!

Ashampoo photo optimizer 8.0 Enhance Contrast and Color:

Export and Versatility Functionality:

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 is a powerful program that allows users to upload, mail, or post photos online. It also lets you print them if you would instead not share them with the world. With many different options for editing your photos, it’s an excellent tool for businesses to produce high-quality content.

Give Your Portraits A Natural Look:

Give your pictures a boost with photo optimizer 8.0. This picture-enhancing software automatically detects minor defects like whitening teeth and red eyes. To make it look better in your photographs, you can remove stains and remove blemishes.

Export and Versatility Functionality:

Unmatched Flow Batching:

With Photo Optimizer, you have the option to do batch processing. This means that you can choose photos from different sources or entire folders and have Photo Optimizer do all the work for you.

It’s time to stop manually optimizing and designing your images and start using a tool that will do the work for you. It may seem time-consuming, but there are plenty of tools out there for this. A powerful one is batch processing, which eliminates the hard work of picking and editing images and has the potential to make your photos look better because you can spend less time worrying about minor details.

A Niche for Experimentation:

In this new generation, Ashampoo’s photo optimizer can do whatever you want with your images without the need to worry about losing your original files.

Ashampoo photo optimizer 8.0

Making mistakes is normal, but it should be simple to undo. With a robust backup system, brands have the assurance that experimenting with product photography won’t lead to any consequences.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0 Upgrade: Pricing

Ashampoo’s one-time purchase price is $29.99. It also comes with an annual license.

Ashampoo is a fantastic company that brings out great deals every day. Shop today, and you’ll be able to find an amazing deal on a product from their line.

The Competition:

Photo Pos Pro:

While you may be hesitant at first to add this new technology to your business, it will be worth the investment. The initial set-up may take a few minutes, but you will soon understand the importance of real-time messaging and the benefits it can bring to your business. You might even find it suitable for your business and decide to make the conversion.

  • If you are working in a software program and press Alt-Tab, the program might act unpredictably.
  • It is a bit tricky, for starters.

Pixlr X:

Photos on the web used to be outdated. Pixlr X is the first of its kind to close the gap between desktop apps and online editors. It has some great features, but it’s still growing. Beta versions of its more advanced tools are a drawback.


There is a chance that new users will run into problems using GIMP because the interface of GIMP requires exceptional pro skills.

What are the people’s thoughts about Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0?

Sr. No. Name Review Stars Website
1 James Excellent customer service is vital to everyone. The website’s interface is easy to use, making for an optimal design experience. The site has excellent customer support for any concerns or problems that come up. No need to go anywhere else! 4.7


2 Cat Ellis You know what they say, power user or no user! While this new technology is reasonably priced. Luckily, many tutorial videos on YouTube can help you get the most out of this fantastic new technology. 3.5


Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0 Upgrade: Final Verdict

Ashampoo’s Photo Optimizer 8 is an easy-to-use photo editor for all levels. It helps make your photos look their best with automatically tuning tools that are intelligent and easy to use.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8.0 Upgrade

Ashampoo has been completed an unbelievable job with this interface. It is intuitive, and it is a big selling point.

Your website or email is the perfect place to shine with beautiful photos. Ashampoo photo optimizer can help you create attention-grabbing images with just a few clicks, so you can focus on what matters most.

The tools will let you show off your creativity and demonstrate a lifetime of knowledge. No matter how skilled you are, it would help if you gave these editing tools a try.

In general, the Ashampoo photo optimizer has the most features. These tools will help customers make your products look their best.

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