Android Crypto Mining: How to Mine Crypto on Phone

Android Crypto Mining: How to Mine Crypto on Phone

Lots of people ask me how they can mine crypto on their phones. But is it possible? Yes, it is. In this article, I will let you know how to mine cryptocurrency on android phone and pc. I will help you comprehend what crypto mining means for Android.

Let me tell you that Two hours of Android mining has netted me 0.000005 Monero. Read on to find out if you will find this blog post helpful or not. Would you like to hear about how I make 8.22$ per day mining cryptocurrency at home?

If you’re still reading this, you’re interested, and you got my point. Let’s see how easy it is to start crypto mining Monero by just using your CPU and smartphone.

How to Mine Cryptocurrency on PC and Phone

In this post, I’ll be talking about how to get started with crypto mining on your CPU. Later, I’ll talk about how to mine cryptocurrency on your Android phone.

Choose a Cryptocurrency:

Mining cryptocurrencies take a long time. This is the reason why you need to choose a cryptocurrency carefully. Monero isn’t too difficult to mine because it eliminates the need for a greater hash rate, making it comparatively easy.

Choose a Cryptocurrency

You can use your Android phone to mine cryptocurrency! But before you get started, you should make sure your mining software is compatible with the CPU. Nanopool has confirmed that you can mine Monero coins using the Random X algorithm.

You’ll find that Monero coins are an excellent choice for mining on your Android phone or PC. If you’re interested in mining Monero, head over to our algorithms section. You’ll find that the Random X algorithm is quite simple to use with your CPU. Let’s start mining Monero right now.

Create a Crypto Wallet

To keep your Monero safe, you should use a GUI Wallet. Its interface is user-friendly, so it’s recommended for less tech-savvy people like me and you. The option exists to download your wallet from the download section of GetMonero’s.

Android Crypto Mining

First, head towards the download section and hit the GUI wallet tab. Then check for the correct version available which is compatible with your system.

Android Crypto Mining

After downloading the software, you need to follow the manual installation process. You need to enter your wallet address each time you want to log in.

Download the Mining Rig

If you want to get into crypto mining, you’ll need a mining rig first. To get one, head over to XMRig and hit the ‘Download’ button.

Download mining rig

You need to ensure the operating system (OS) on which you wish to mine monero. In this article, Ubuntu is the OS. Go ahead with what is yours on Android.

Warning Message Crypto Mining on Android

After you have completed the miner download. A warning message will appear on your screen. The message depicts that your Antivirus software might stop you from running the miner. If this happens, stop antivirus software or add the XMRig to the antivirus’s whitelist.

Backend File

If you’re sure, click on this download link, and you will be redirected to your download. After this, unzip the file, and you’re ready to go!

Installing the Mining Rig

Okay! Time to head back to XMRig and enter the ‘Wizard.’ Select New Configuration. Then decide on a pool. In this article, you will see the use of Nanopool. When creating a new Nanopool, you have to provide your location and wallet address.

Wallet address and location


Make sure you select the correct type of device on the ‘Backend’ tab. For example, choose one from pc or Android. This is because you use either your phone or pc only. Then you need to move towards the config file and open it up. To run the miner successfully, you need to replace codes with the codes you have.

Crypto mining on androidCreate new nanopool

To ensure your configuration file is safe, save it now. Then open the XMRig, and you can run it now. Confirm that everything is working by going back to Nanopool and hit the tab ‘Overview’ to see if it has successfully connected.

Configuration Wizard

You can enter or paste your wallet address. This will help you see the quantity of monero you mine.

Crypto wallet address

The above procedure is only for monero mining on PC. Now, I’ll tell you how to mine it on your phone, so you can start profiting from it right away.

Start Mining Cryptocurrency on Your Android Phone

To mine crypto on your phone. First, install android miner. There are many options, but MinerGate and Termux are the easiest to use. Google Play Store has banned MinerGate because of not following the policies of Google. No worries, still an option that exists to download and install it without any issues.

Once you make the Termux installation, use these codes to begin the process of mining:

pkg install upgrade apt install git apt install wget apt install proot termux-setup-storage git clone https://github.com/neo-oli/termux-ubuntu cd termux-ubuntu chmod +x ubuntu.sh (optional) sh.Ubuntu.sh (optional) ./start-ubuntu.sh (optional) apt update apt upgrade git clone https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig cd xmrig mkdir build cd build cmake-dwith_wloc=off_ make

Doing this makes you enable to get started with the mining process on your Android. Time to answer the question of whether or not crypto mining on your phone is a thing.

FAQs: Crypto Mining on Android Phone

Mobile cryptocurrency mining on smartphones is getting popular. If you have any questions in your mind related to android crypto mining, feel free to ask in the comments.

Can I mine cryptocurrency on my smartphone?

Mining cryptocurrency indeed requires a lot of hash rates. The fact is apple and google do not facilitate the process of mining on Android or iPhone. Instead, the option exists to start mining on your smartphone.

Why does google ban crypto mining app?

Crypto mining can take a toll on your phone in more ways than one. This heavy-duty task is the leading cause of an increased processor load, leading to battery drainage. You might not be surprised to hear that smartphone companies don’t want you to go through that extra trouble. This is why Google has banned crypto mining apps.

What is the best crypto mining app for Android?

Recently, many apps for mining cryptocurrencies have been released for Android. The most popular apps include NiceHash, CryptoTab, MinerGate, Turmex, SparkPool, and many more.

Can bitcoin be mined on Android?

To mine bitcoin, possibly you need a GPU, not an Android phone. Mining bitcoin is possible on Android phones, but it will take an incredibly long time.

Which cryptocurrency is cheapest to mine on the phone?

Mining crypto on your phone is an easy process. But not all cryptocurrencies are created equal. Revencoin and Monero are the two among the list of cryptocurrencies that you can mine with a lot of ease. The reason is they do not need a lot of hash rate as compared to other cryptos.

Summary: Crypto Mining on Android Phones

Recently, crypto mining has gotten more and more popular. There are so many new and exciting opportunities for mining on both PC and phone. You can mine almost any cryptocurrency on your phone.

Crypto Mining Apps

Here are the essential points:

  • Choose any Cryptocurrency you want to mine (Monero (XMR))
  • Setup a Cryptocurrency wallet (In this article, we used GUI wallet)
  • Download your mining rig (XMRig explained in this article)
  • Get the Termux application on your phone and install it
  • Type in the commands listed in this article
  • Start Crypto Mining on Android

You can mine a variety of cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your Android phone. There exist several crypto mining apps for Android. Some of the most popular include MinerGate, NiceHash, and so on. As described in this article, you can mine 0.000005 Monero within 2 hours. It all depends on a few factors, such as the hash rate of your device, phone model, android version and processing power, etc. Good luck!

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